Commercial Hvac Lethbridge

Commercial Hvac Lethbridge

Suppose you have ever had to shop around for a new commercial HVAC in Lethbridge for a business, whether a new property or a replacement install, you may start to feel overwhelmed by all the choices. You already know how important your HVAC system is for regular happiness and comfort, so you want to ensure everything goes smoothly. Whether you have a building with tenants or run a production facility, having everything at the right temperature is critical. Not only that, but you also want to ensure you have a system that is practical and efficient for the building without destroying your finances.

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Once it is time to find commercial HVAC repair or need a replacement, you have to know all about the different kinds of available HVAC systems. Doing so will allow you to form an educated opinion to select the right system for the function and size of your commercial property.

Different Types of Commercial HVAC in Lethbridge

There may be an infinite amount of variations; you will usually see three main categories for HVAC setups, including:

  • Single Split
  • Multi-Split
  • VRV or VRF

The best choice for your building depends on several factors. Get to know each option better:

Single Split – This is the most popular option today as it is affordable and just right for smaller commercial buildings. Many commercial HVAC repair teams will suggest these units for smaller offices, shops, restaurants, and server rooms.

Multi-Split – Very similar to a single split design, a multi-split is different because it can connect nine indoor units using just one outdoor unit. When it comes to industrial HVAC maintenance, these units are often seen at larger buildings like production facilities, clinics, hotels, and more.

VRV or VRF – A Variable Refrigerant Volume or Variable Refrigerant Flow system is good for medium to large mixed buildings like offices, retail locations, and similar businesses. You will find two kinds of VRV or VRF systems, including heat recovery and heat pumps.

Overall, the biggest differences you will find for residential or commercial HVAC systems will be the power and size. A residential unit will be smaller and boast less power. However, when you have a commercial property, you want to know that you have a commercial system that will meet your needs without issue. Let our team at Tradesman Manufacturing help by connecting you to a dealer that can provide our superior HVAC products. 

Commercial Hvac Lethbridge
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Commercial Hvac Lethbridge
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Commercial Hvac Lethbridge Commercial Hvac Lethbridge