Custom House Builders Mn

Custom House Builders Mn

Custom home construction can be a trying and expensive endeavor. But some companies can help; it is just a matter of figuring out which company is best suited for your needs.

What custom home builders are there in Minnesota?

Though there are a great many, one of the most reliable and trustworthy is Homes by Tradition. We have been servicing the Twin Cities, Minnesota area since 2005 by building innovative and creative custom homes for the many families in the area.

By being locally owned and operated, Homes by Tradition fosters a sense of community and cares deeply about our ability to provide quality service by building homes that are special and unique. We aim to develop one-of-a-kind homes for our customers to be proud of, leaving our mark on the community by bringing smiles to the faces of everyone we serve.

From top to bottom, everyone involved in Homes by Tradition strives for excellence; from the interior designers, architects, suppliers and craftsmen, project managers, and owners, we all strive to provide the very best service to you.

We follow a very detailed seven-stage design of your custom home, ensuring that the very smallest details are covered. After all, it is those tiny details that can make a home truly special and a unique place to come home to every day.

The stages to our custom home design-build are:

  • Design-Build Consultation. We will meet with you to discuss your needs and find out just what you are looking for in your custom home. After all, it is your home.
  • Property analysis/concept design. We will create CAD designs of your custom home so that you can begin to see what we have in mind for you instead of having to visualize it in your mind's eye. We will also evaluate the property to see how to make the best use of the land available to us.
  • Pricing/construction contract. We offer up-front pricing so that you can feel comfortable knowing what you are getting involved with and not have to worry about a plethora of hidden fees or charges. This contract protects both parties and allows us to move forward with the process comfortably.
  • Pre-construction. Our team meets to discuss preparations for the build, how to best handle the processes, etc.
  • Selection and construction. We will begin selecting the materials and enter into the construction process, keeping you abreast of the process during the duration of the project. This allows you to see your home as it grows and begins to look like the designs shown.
  • Completion and closing. We put the finishing touches on your new home and complete the closing process of the contract.
  • Post-close and warranty. We cover certain aspects of the home under warranty and discuss any changes that you might want to be made, aiming to address those concerns before closing out the process.

From start to finish, Homes by Tradition focuses on your satisfaction and provides the attention to detail that you need for your custom home to become the home of your dreams.

Homes By Tradition
Custom House Builders Mn
16972 Brandtjen Farm Drive
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Custom House Builders Mn Custom House Builders Mn