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New AC Unit Mississauga

New AC Unit Mississauga

A new AC unit should last up to two decades with minimal maintenance and repairs. You might be able to save more money on the old faulty unit when you replace it with a new and better one. Our new AC unit in Mississauga offers several benefits over the old vulnerable alternatives.

What we consider when installing a new AC unit


We are intentional about the Mississauga central air conditioners' size because the equation is essential when you want to match the functionality to the square footage of the home. A small unit is suitable for one unit and will not serve the entire house properly, while the bigger unit will cycle on and off too much and eventually become less efficient. The contractor determines the suitability of the AC unit by calculating the load.

What is load calculation?

The calculation takes into account the following factors to get the right number:

  • Climate zone
  • Roof material
  • Size of the building
  • Number of appliances
  • Directional orientation
  • Pertinent data
  • Types of windows
  • Insulation
  • Existing vents and ducts

Different kinds of air conditioners will align differently with the room's size. Generally, a two-ton unit works well in a room of up to 400 square feet, while the 0.8-ton unit should work well in a 200 square feet room.


The AC unit has a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio to set the unit's efficiency. A higher SEER enhances energy and could save you money in the monthly bills. The current federal government requires a minimum SEER value of up to 13, and most contractors will prefer a rating between 14 and 22 for most residential and commercial buildings.

Type of conditioner

Many factors come into play for a new AC installation and purchase in Mississuaga. The most common types of the AC unit include the following:

  • Window AC unit suitable for the small home or single room
  • Central air conditioning unit to pump air throughout the home
  • Portable air conditioning that is available as split, evaporative, or hose units
  • Split systems that are ductless and have an outside or inside component

Why choose us to install the new AC unit in Mississauga?

The choice of the AC contractor is just as important as the unit's choice. You need a company with honest and accurate evaluations when picking the right size for the home or room. The HVAC experts at Langton Climate Care are ready to help you throughout the process by talking you through the various options and weighing the pros and cons.

We must evaluate your property and energy demands before starting the installation project. Will homeowners insurance cover a new air conditioner? Make sure you set an inspection date with our office to analyze the space and give accurate quotes. We will also spell out the stipulations and include warranty details, so you know exactly what to expect and answer how much does it cost to replace a new AC unit.

Are you ready to upgrade or replace the old faulty AC unit? We are reachable at 905-312-9644 for more information on if you can finance a new AC unit and the installation process.


New AC Unit Mississauga
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New AC Unit Mississauga New AC Unit Mississauga