Warehouse Automation Solutions

Warehouse Automation Solutions

The boom in the supply chains, eCommerce, and multiple distribution channels are pushing businesses to a greater level of warehouse automation. As a result, more and more businesses are now adopting these cutting-edge tools alongside warehouse automation solutions to stay up-to-date and agile. Here at CASI, we offer a wide range of traditional and out-of-the-box automated warehousing technologies that provide quality, efficiency, and flexibility. Some of the warehouse automation systems solutions we provide include:

Box Opening System

This is the process of removing the commodities from their shipping master corrugate containers and putting them into totes for storage and retrieval systems that route them to pickers and robots for order fulfillment. At CASI, we use an integrated software and hardware solution to automate the box opening system. With labor costs increasing, our CASi-IBOD system was designed to cut open, decant cases, and remove lids to reduce labor in our warehouse.

Sortation System

We use automated sortation systems in order fulfillment for receiving, picking, packing, and shipping. Sortation involves identifying and sorting products on a conveyor system and diverting them to a warehouse location with CASi-SORT. The sortation system gives our supply chain controller greater power over parcels, loads, and response rates. In addition, it allows us to undertake large-volume inventory, so we can quickly sort product size, shipping speeds, and other aspects of our products.

ASRS System

ASRS system was once considered out of reach for businesses with smaller order fulfillment operations that don't have enough budget to invest in such technology. Here at CASI, the ASRS system is one of the warehouse automation systems we have. This system automatically brings items out and then places them back into the storage system. Typically, we pair our ASRS system with other warehouse software systems to manage processes and help warehouse workers process orders.

Right-Size Box System

We have a box-resizing system to meet our client's expectations as shipping costs continue to increase. Customers want their orders shipped faster and cheaper than ever, so you can turn to CASI to reduce your dimensional weight shipping costs. We can help you cut, resize, pack, and label a shipping-ready box in a few minutes to reduce cost.

24v Conveyor System

Our motorized 24v conveyor system is excellent, energy efficient, low noise, and easy to maintain. It's perfect for various solutions, including manufacturing, automated food and beverage, warehouse, and distribution. It can handle many products such as pallets, packages, cartons, and any items that will move on a roller conveyor.

Inline Manifest System

Our CASI's full line is perfect for shipping applications where orders are packed in similar-sized containers. This system uses the industry's fastest, automated label applicators to print and apply the most comprehensive label types and sizes, saving you money and time across manufacturing and distribution applications.

A warehouse automation solution should be on the top of your wish list if your company is expanding and experiencing different challenges in the supply chain. Contact us today at 814-870-9267 to explore our systems.

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Warehouse Automation Solutions
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Warehouse Automation Solutions Warehouse Automation Solutions