Miami AC Contractors

Miami AC Contractors

As the world prepares to get rid of Covid, countries are preparing to revive the economy by empowering businesses and their citizens. While everyone is hopeful of a new era without Covid, we still prefer to stay inside while allowing the government to accelerate both the economy and health conditions. HVAC systems are just as crucial as masks and social distancing because they improve air circulation and make the indoor stay a little more bearable.

What does our HVAC contractor do?

The specific duties of Miami AC contractors hugely depend on the project in question. The following is a breakdown of what each industrial air conditioning in the Miami project will involve:

Inspection and maintenance

  • Checking tube joints and connections
  • Testing the thermostat
  • Changing filters
  • Cleaning ducts
  • Checking the fan
  • Inspecting the distribution system

Repair and installation

These projects base their processes on the results from the inspection stage. We have the skills and training to assess what each model and brand requires, ensuring comfortable heating and ventilation with consistent freshness and air quality. We must ensure each system has correct sizing, design, and measurement while working within your budget.

Here is what to expect from our HVAC contractor


The best commercial AC companies in Miami Florida need many various reviews to get good ratings. Brophy Air has an excellent portfolio of offering above-average services to clients of various industry niches. Our clients' list includes private clubs, worship buildings, retail shops, financial institutions, and healthcare companies. Do not hesitate to talk to us about the specific services offered for these properties to understand how best we can design and maintain your HVAC system.

Accurate estimates

All reputable service companies offer clients accurate written estimates for any project. The contractor should also guide you through the pricing structure so you have an expounded understanding. We do not offer the lowest estimate, nor are we unbelievably expensive with exceptional service promise.

Brophy Air works with your budget by studying and understanding the challenges you face. Our extensive experience and expertise in implementing different solutions allow us to know what will work for your system at a glance. The best part about this affordable pricing system is we guarantee increased efficiency, with a long life of all your system parts.

Energy efficiency

Switching to green energy will never be out of style. You must choose an HVAC unit that meets all strict energy efficiency requirements and saves you long-term billing and maintenance costs. We use ENERGY-STAR-certified units and always match the technology with your current and future energy needs.

Free consultation

The reliable and well-established contractor is ready to send contractors to your location after a short phone or email consultation. Often, our consultations are expansive enough for you to plan your commercial HVAC in Miami projects according to your schedule and budget.

Brophy Air began its operation in 1991 and had three decades of reputable local craft in Miami. Get in touch with us at (305) 444-6404 for any commercial HVAC inquiries to benefit from our excellent technical skills, creativity, and valuable customer support.

Miami AC Contractors
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Miami AC Contractors
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Miami AC Contractors Miami AC Contractors