Preventive Maintenance

Our service plans lengthen the life of your current systems and help them run more efficiently. This saves on energy use, time and money.

Building Automation

We can also work with you to automate your facility and take advantage of technology to reduce your energy spend and extend the life of your equipment.

With a building automation system that automatically adjusts your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, your system runs more efficiently because it’s only working when it’s needed. A system that only runs when needed maximizes energy efficiency and minimizes the bottom line of your monthly utility bills.

Energy Solutions - Brophy Air Specialty Group LLC

Additionally, by reducing the usage of your HVAC infrastructure during downtime, a building automation system limits unnecessary wear and tear on your systems. In the long run, by reducing the strain on your equipment, you’ll minimize operating as well as maintenance, repair, and replacement costs. By properly automating your systems, you can stretch the life of your existing HVAC infrastructure by several years, lowering your bottom line, so you can invest that money back into your business.

Equipment Replacement

As new technologies are developed and existing equipment ages, equipment replacement becomes a viable and financially sound investment. We partner with our clients to guide them through this process and prepare the financial analysis to justify the investment.