4 easy ways to save energy

When you’re responsible for an office or commercial building, energy bills can be one of your biggest headaches. So here are a few ideas to reduce those costs… and protect the environment at the same time. 1. Upgrade to LED lighting LED lights are much more efficient than traditional bulbs.

Office air quality and COVID-19: what you need to know

As workers begin returning to offices, lots of people have questions about air quality and COVID-19. Here’s what you need to know about staying safe and using HVAC systems in your office or commercial building. How to keep workplaces safe According to the EPA, air cleaners and HVAC systems can

Indoor Air Quality: Improving your Facility

Top Ten Commercial HVAC Services to Help Improve Your Facility These are a few commercial HVAC services that we can provide to help reduce and control costs, while simultaneously improving your building’s indoor air quality. 1. High Efficiency HVAC Filter Replacements We have access to high efficiency filters at a

Rethinking Commercial HVAC Strategy

Day in and day out, I meet with property managers and owners to show them how Brophy Air can take them from a reactive to a proactive operating strategy. I often receive the same feedback: “We would love to be in a proactive strategy but we currently do not have the money or funds to invest in our HVAC equipment.”

COVID-19: Before Turning the Lights Back On

Has your facility been idle during the COVID-19 crisis?

Tax Breaks Available for HVAC Upgrades

Are you looking to improve your building’s comfort, ventilation and efficiency?