Why is a proactive operating strategy not just a nice thought but an imperative initiative as it relates to your commercial HVAC system?

The Status Quo

Day in and day out, I meet with property managers and owners in Miami to show them how Brophy Air can take them from a reactive to a proactive operating strategy as it relates to their commercial HVAC equipment. I often receive the same feedback: “We would love to be in a proactive strategy but we currently do not have the money or funds to invest in our HVAC equipment.”

Reactive Vs. Proactive Strategies commercial HVAC

What many individuals do not realize is that a reactive operating strategy results in higher lifetime costs, shortened equipment life and a lot of painful situations that result in unnecessary emergencies. I mean, I understand them, I suffer from this too as a consumer. This is called hyperbolic discounting, the tendency for people to increasingly choose a smaller-sooner reward over a larger-later reward. When thinking about your commercial HVAC system, it is easier to discount potential large future expenses than justify higher short term operating and/or capital expenses.

Benefits of a proactive strategy

  1. Reduce potential system issues: Commercial HVAC equipment performance will be more reliable resulting in less emergencies. Any emergencies will be smaller in size reducing overall repair costs and equipment downtime.
  2. Extend equipment life: There is less wear and tear on the equipment when it runs efficiently. The longer the equipment lasts, the smaller need for capital expenses.
  3. Stabilize costs: This allows Brophy Air to offer a flat fee for all your commercial HVAC needs providing you complete cost predictability.
  4. Transfer of risk: This allows Brophy Air to assume risk and responsibility for your mechanical equipment. Therefore, you can focus on what you do best rather than spending time worrying about your HVAC system.
  5. Building comfort: Maintains your tenants and your employees comfortable and productive.

Overall, a proactive strategy allows you to reduce costs and increase productivity of your organization.

Lean on Us

If you sit down and run the numbers, you will realize that a proactive strategy will actually help you save money over the long-term. You can use these extra funds to invest in other initiatives or increase your bottom-line.

We at Brophy Air actually perform this analysis for you as we know you are very busy with other concerns.

Ultimately, our programs allow you to significantly:

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