We work with facilities in South Florida to reduce their owning and operating costs with the goal of making buildings more efficient, safe, and sustainable.

At Brophy Air, we systematically examine every aspect of a building’s operating costs, evaluating what you are spending today, seeking out inefficiencies, and clearly identifying areas of improvement.

Bottom line: We help you become streamlined in your day-to-day operations which ultimately helps you save money and resources as well as positively impact your bottom line.

Optimized and Stabilize Cost - Brophy Air Specialty Group LLC
Your partner in Building Value

Our comprehensive programs look at the entire life cycle cost of a facility, so that critical decisions can be made with both current and future goals in mind.

Pay One Price For Our Services

With your current provider, who is usually rewarded when so-called preventive maintenance fails? Our guaranteed service solutions remove conflicts of interest that often happen with regular maintenance plans.

With us, you pay one yearly price, and all other costs are covered. That means we’re rewarded for keeping your systems performing at their peak, not when they fall apart.