4 ways that Brophy Air can save you money

If you’re in charge of a busy commercial building, you know that operating margins can be tight. There’s no room for inefficiency, wasted spending or cutting corners. Here are four ways that HVAC maintenance from Brophy Air can save you money.

#1 Predictive maintenance

Which do you think is cheaper: repairing a small malfunction in the ventilation system today, or completely refitting the whole building in a few years’ time?

You guessed it – maintenance is a whole lot more affordable than replacement. It’s important to catch small errors and malfunctions early on, before they can do any damage. That’s why we offer predictive maintenance to repair HVAC systems before they can go wrong.

#2 Plan costs in advance

It’s much easier to balance the budget when you know which costs are coming up in advance. So instead of surprising you with unexpected bills or hidden costs, we have a single annual charge for Brophy Air maintenance. You can plan your annual spending with complete peace of mind.

#3 Understand where your money goes

In a big, complex property, it can be difficult to keep track of all the operating costs. And what’s more, those costs are often connected: HVAC maintenance with building maintenance, office equipment with security, and so on.

As part of our service, we give you a full analysis of your operating costs to figure out where you could be more efficient. We even take the full life cycle of the building into account, to help you plan for the future.

#4 Reduce your carbon footprint

Reducing the environmental impact of your building isn’t just good for the planet; it can save you money too.

We are committed to using the latest equipment and technology which is greener and more sustainable. We also plan our maintenance so that equipment lasts longer – reducing waste – and is less likely to fail or leak.

Are you ready to save money with Brophy Air? Contact us today to talk about how we can help you!

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Why air quality matters in schools

We often work with educational institutions in Florida to help them improve air quality and keep HVAC systems up to date. Here’s why air quality matters in schools – now more than ever.

Benefits of proper ventilation

Indoor air quality has three key elements:

  • Bringing in fresh air.
  • Maintaining a safe temperature and humidity level.
  • Removing pollutants, including viruses.

When the air quality is good, people can concentrate more and work better. The fresh air and correct temperature help them to feel awake, active and energetic. Removing pollutants helps to protect everyone from disease.

Air quality matters even more in educational settings. Why? Because children and young people can often be more vulnerable to pollution or disease than adults.

And because schools are busy, crowded places, there’s more risk of spreading disease. Just think of how quickly a cold can spread through a classroom! Ventilation and air filtration systems can help to reduce that risk.

Staying safe during covid-19

We always recommend that schools maintain their air quality through regular HVAC maintenance and temperature control. And while the coronavirus pandemic continues, air quality is more important than ever.

The CDC has detailed advice for improving air quality in educational institutions. Here are some of their top tips:

  • Spend as much time outdoors as possible.
  • Set HVAC systems to bring in as much outside air as possible, and focus airflow on the busiest areas of the building.
  • Use exhaust fans in restrooms and kitchens.
  • Use filtration, UV or ionization systems wherever possible to keep the air clean.

We can help with maintenance, energy efficiency, and improving air quality in any educational or commercial building. Contact us today!

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4 easy ways to save energy

When you’re responsible for an office or commercial building, energy bills can be one of your biggest headaches. So here are a few ideas to reduce those costs… and protect the environment at the same time.

1. Upgrade to LED lighting

LED lights are much more efficient than traditional bulbs. They last longer, use less power and produce a lot of light. And the latest generation of LEDs are more affordable than ever before.

Did you know that LED lights can also make your office more productive? LED bulbs imitate natural sunlight, which helps you feel awake. A study from the University of Michigan found that commercial buildings with LED lighting had higher productivity levels.

2. Install smart controls

You can minimise energy bills by being smart about switching off lights and saving electricity. Look into smart controls for lighting and HVAC systems. With a smart system, you can turn the lights off with a tap of your mobile phone – you don’t even have to be in the office.

In many offices, computer screens eat up a lot of power after hours. The low-tech way of solving this problem is encouraging people to switch their devices off every day. But if you want a more reliable solution, try monitor power management software. You can turn off everyone’s screen with this central programme.

3. Check your insulation

Good insulation is key to saving on your energy bills. From roof insulation to correctly fitted windows, the smallest details can make a big difference to your electricity usage. Even a new set of window blinds can improve insulation in a commercial building and reduce your costs.

4. Stay up to date with HVAC servicing

If your HVAC systems are worn out, damaged or even just dusty – then your power bills will go up. Regular HVAC servicing saves a lot of money in the long term. Your air conditioning maintenance team can also give you tips on energy efficiency for your specific building.

Want to save more on energy bills for a commercial building? Brophy Air offers the best HVAC repair and maintenance services to fit your budget. Call us today!

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Office air quality and COVID-19: what you need to know

As workers begin returning to offices, lots of people have questions about air quality and COVID-19. Here’s what you need to know about staying safe and using HVAC systems in your office or commercial building.

How to keep workplaces safe

According to the EPA, air cleaners and HVAC systems can help to reduce viruses and contaminants inside office buildings. However, they should always be used alongside other safety measures – such as social distancing, wearing masks and disinfecting surfaces regularly.

If you’re not sure what air filtration system your building uses, then check with your HVAC supplier. We’ll be able to recommend maintenance or an upgrade if necessary. Remember: filtration and ventilation systems work best when they are checked and maintained regularly.

Should you be worried about air conditioning?

Some people have asked whether air conditioning systems can spread the coronavirus. However, it’s unlikely that this is a significant problem.

Air circulation systems are designed to filter, purify and circulate air. There are no known cases of COVID-19 caused by infection through air conditioning, according to NPR. Last year, the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) released a statement, saying that properly maintained HVAC systems may even reduce the risk of infection.

However, it’s important to maintain air quality by wearing masks and ventilating the building correctly. Anyone who has symptoms or a positive COVID test should stay away from shared offices and commercial buildings.

Air filtration and purification

There are many different filtration options on the market, and some are more effective than others. For Brophy Air partners, we use ionization filtration. This is the most powerful system for removing airborne contaminants and viruses. It’s more effective than simple filtration or even filtration with UVC.

You can use our air systems with confidence. To discuss the needs of your office or commercial building, contact us today!

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